February 22, 2018


People, trainers, horses, barns, business and sports, all have stories to tell. It’s our job at Equestrianlist.com to help you tell your story. To find it, to weave it and transport it out to the public as a marketing tool for you.

We are proud that we have been able to help distribute the services and events of fellow equestrians for the past seven years through our newsletter, website, FB and other means. We continue to grow and love hearing how our site has helped a client find and use someone’s services.



We are in the process of incorporating some of the the fine features that the publication had as well as provide you with a vehicle for your advertising. We plan to have this all worked out by the end of January 2017 if not sooner.

In the meantime, please take a moment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with your feedback on what you would like to see. We can not do this without your support!

We offer a variety of simnewlookple, but effective ways of listing equestrian services , advertising products and Real Estate. Posting events on our calendar and selling tack and horses on the our classified ad page is FREE. Additionally, we provide local equestrian news. We are looking for freelance writers. If you have a local story to tell, please do not be shy! Send it to us!

Our site, along with our Newsletter and Facebook presence is quite the referral network that works. We have, on average, over 5,000 visitors to our site a month. We have approximately 15,000 subscribers to our Newsletter. We have over 5,000 people following us on FB. Our primary market is PA, MD, DE and NJ, but have followers and advertisers throughout the United States. Our staff has enjoyed meeting many wonderful people.

We personally use and refer many of the services listed through EquestrianList.

We Look forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you all a prosperous, Happy and Healthy New year in 2017



Sue McElroy, Editor